Epic Games may be all fun and games when it comes to making Fortnite more enjoyable and entertaining, but they are anything but joking when it comes to protecting the game.

AW by Asura World in Oct 25, 2019
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Epic Games already have their hands full battling cheaters and hackers alike. But apparently, they’re not content. Because, they’re currently in the middle of suing a Fortnite tested who leaked the contents of Fortnite Chapter 2 online. 

In early October 2019, Epic Games decided to pull off one of the most talked-about gaming events in history. Essentially pretending to pull the plug, or so to speak, on Fortnite, Epic Games took down then game for two days for maintenance. However, instead of making it seem like a regular scheduled maintenance, the developers of Fortnite marketed it as an in-game event that had the entire world curious.  

Of course, once the two days were up, Fortnite had returned as Fortnite Chapter 2. The update came with a new map and other big changes to the game.  

The event is definitely something that Epic Games had spent the last few years building up to. This is most likely why they intend on pursuing legal action against the Fortnite tester who decided to leak the contents of Chapter 2 online.  

In their lawsuit, Epic Games detailed that Ronald Sykes, otherwise known online as invisiblellama9, broke the non-disclosure agreement that he had signed by sharing classified information about his experience as a tester.  

Sykes tested Fortnite’s newest content way before it launched, back in September. However, he made the mistake of making this public. He even went as far as to tweet someone that he had already played Fortnite Chapter 2, which he referred to as S11. He also claimed that he could tell that particular user the “new stuff”.  

Not content, Sykes used another account to reveal information contained in Fortnite Chapter 2, including an image of the new map and that players would be able to swim once the update comes.  

These are all detailed in Epic Games lawsuit against Sykes. 

As of the moment, Epic Games is asking for the appropriate compensation for Syke’s decision to breach the contract he had signed.  

Epic Games is not new to Fortnite testers leaking classified content.   

Just last year, Epic Games found themselves in another legal battle against a quality assurance contractor for leaking details regarding Season 3. However, the QA tested would later claim in his defense that he did not intend for the secrets to leak. 

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