PUBG Corp is literally throwing everything but the kitchen sink for Season 5 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

AW by Asura World in Oct 16, 2019
Asura World Highlights PUBG

For Season 5 of the popular Battle Royale title, PUBG is set to receive a lot of additions. This includes spike traps, which you can place on the path of opposing vehicles. However, what’s even more noteworthy is the ability to throw items and weapons.  

Defensively, this will come in handy. Because you can now throw items to your teammates, getting extra ammo or health in the middle of a firefight has become a lot easier. Offensively, the possibilities are endless.  

If you have ever dreamed of throwing a machete or a sickle or even a frying pan to your enemy, then consider your dreams realized.  

PUBG is also copying Fortnite by introducing vending machines that dispense painkillers and energy drinkers in the Miramar and Camp Jackal maps.  

Speaking of Miramar, the map is next in line for a refresh. 

In Season 4, PUBG Corp gave Erangel an overhaul, which has since been received quite well. You can expect the all-new Miramar to be just as good. It’s expected to receive a new race track with loops, ramps, and jumps, as well as a new car. There’ll also be far less clutter on the map once it’s been refreshed, with higher spawn rates for long-range weapons and armor also being a priority. 

Also, as is customary with a new season, there’s going to be a new survivor pass for players to buy. New missions include collecting DVDs and broken disks, among others.   

Other expected changes includes some tweaks to the User Interface, as well as performance updates, and additional options to Zombie Mode and War Mode.   

Season 5 of PUBG is already available on the PC test server. However, for the official release, you’ll have to wait for it on October 23 for the PC and October 29 for the consoles. 

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