It’s hard to deny just how popular and big PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has become.

AW by Asura World in Oct 07, 2019
Asura World Highlights PUBG

Simply known as PUBG, nearly everyone is playing PUBG these days. In fact, the stats back this claim up. As many as 100 million players play PUBG every month. This makes PUBG one of the most popular and profitable games today, effectively making it a global phenomenon that’s popular across all ages and races.  

Unfortunately, just as PUBG has become more popular, so do the number of cheaters and hackers rise.  

This is the unfortunate consequence of becoming popular. Because of how much fun it is to win a game and become the last man standing in PUBG, third-party cheats and hacks exist to help make achieving victories, or chicken dinners as they are called, easier for players.  

Among the most popular cheats and perks are auto-aiming weapons and wall-hacks.  

Apparently though, Tencent Games have had enough. The creators of PUBG are upping the ante for anyone caught banning, imposing a 10-year ban on any and all players caught using a cheat or a hack in the game.   

It’s clear that Tencent really claims about the overall gameplay experience. Because, if not, then why would they take such a strong stance against cheating? 

Tencent Games has done a lot over the years to try and make PUBG Mobile feel less homey to anyone thinking of using cheats and hacks. In fact, in September of this year alone, Tencent has issued at least 3,500 10-year bans. Not to mention, they received as many as 30,000 players from the game just in December of 2018 alone because of cheating.  

Judging by how popular PUBG has become and how nobody wants to become the guy that gets banned from playing PUBG, this stricter punishment should work to keep cheaters and hackers to a minimum.

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