Because of how easy it is to jump in and out of games in Apex Legends, you’d think that most players who play actually would love to win. But, as it turns out, there are players who are content with just letting others do the dirty work, gathering experience points without doing anything while others do everything for them.

AW by Asura World in May 13, 2019
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Known as “piggybacking”, the term is used to refer to the act of joining a game in Apex Legends with no intention of actually playing. A player who “piggybacks” just jumps into the game and leeches XP off of their teammates. 

That’s it. 

Apparently, Respawn Entertainment took notice of this and have warned players that they are not afraid to issue temporary bans to players caught doing this. More importantly, Respawn Entertainment also warned that they might have to resort to permanently banning a player who refuses to stop doing the act despite numerous warnings and temporary bans already. 

“Piggybacking” is very common in battle royale games, but, this problem is exacerbated in Apex Legends. Because there’s currently no way for you to play solo in games, players are forced to team up with total strangers. 

This often forces teams to work together, sometimes, to great effect. Unfortunately, there are those who simply just want to do nothing and get a lot in return. 

Of course, we don’t know yet if this move will help reduce or curb the numbers of players who love to “piggyback”. Already, there are concerns that players will eventually find a way to figure out just how much they need to do at a minimum to try and escape being banned. Not to mention, given how the current experience point system rewards survival more than kills, you can’t really blame some players for wanting to survive as long as possible without really doing anything. 

Still, it’s nice to know that the developers want to improve player experience. 

Only time will tell if what Respawn Entertainment is doing will prove effective or not.

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