In their latest update, Respawn Entertainment reveals that the developers are focused on providing quality updates to Apex Legends. This includes, among other things, fixing the hit registration and audio bugs that have plagued the game.

AW by Asura World in May 14, 2019
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Jayfresh went on to explain that the development team is already hard at work trying to pinpoint exactly what’s causing hits to sometimes not count or register. Apparently, a mismatch in animations between the game’s servers and that of the local game clients is partly to blame for this. To help solve the problem, the developers will be deploying a fix in the upcoming patch for Apex Legends. 

Jayfresh warns, however, that the fix will not totally solve the problem.

In addition to fixing the mismatch in animations, the developers are also planning on making improvements to server times. This fix should help address the extreme lag and slow motion that certain players have reportedly been experiencing while playing Apex Legends. 

Finally, another fix that’s going to be implemented in Apex Legends soon will address the game’s audio glitches. 

In the coming patch, the developers plan on working on the stuttering and distortion glitches that affects many of the sound effects in Apex Legends. Improvements to footstep sounds were also mentioned in the announcement. However, Jayfresh did not really specify what he meant by this. 

You can expect all of these changes, and more, in the next Apex Legends patch. 

The developers have already done a good job in helping improve any server-side issues so far. This is, in addition to their efforts at curbing the number of cheaters in the game. The next update should only help make further improvements to any server side issues in the game.

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