After a disappointing Season 3 update, Supercell seems intent on making it up to their fans...

AW by Asura World in Oct 05, 2019
Asura World Highlights Clash Royale

After a disappointing Season 3 update, Supercell seems intent on making it up to their fans.  

The Season 4 update, named as “Shocktober”, is a far cry from the Season 3 update. It’s way better, with far more content, including a new arena, cards, and modes, as well as so much more.  


Here’s everything you need to know about the Halloween-themed season that’s set to arrive on October 7:  

  1. Players will get to play in a new arena called the “Shocktober Arena”. As the name suggests, it’s a Halloween-themed arena.  
  1. Clash Royale will get a new card named the “Elixir Golem”. It will feature unique mechanics and will cost three elixirs.  
  1. Different from the normal Golem, the purple Elixir Golem will split into Golemites upon defeat that will leave behind two elixir blobs when defeated. Opponents can destroy these blobs to gain their own elixir, so be careful about using this new card. Otherwise, you might just end up giving away four extra elixirs for free to your opponent.  
  1. New pass royale rewards, such as the jack-o’-lantern pumpkin skin (tier 10) and an emote of Poco from Brawl Stars (Tier 20), as well as many more.  
  1. Crown Quests and Bonus Banks.  
  1. Players can complete Crown Quests to make it easier to progress through the advance tiers in the pass royale.  
  1. The Bonus Bank will grand players an extra 250 gold for every 10 crowns earned. This gold will accumulate and can be withdrawn at the end of the season. 
  1. Two new party modes: Ghost Parade and Grave Bank.  
  1. Complete Witch rework.  
  1. The Witch will now spawn four skeletons at a time. However, she will no longer spawn skeletons when defeated.  
  1. The Witch’s attack will have a decreased splash range but increased damage.  
  1. Night Witch buff.  
  1. The Night Witch will now spawn two additional bats for a total of four.  
  1. The Fisherman nerf.  
  1. Decreased health and damage.  


Among other cards that were affected are the Wall Breakers (reduced costs to two elixirs at the expense of lower damage), as well as reduced knockback from the Snowball, and a slight damage increase for the Hunter.  

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