With as many as 100 million people playing PUBG Mobile every month, the game is bound to attract some cheaters. This is why PUBG has a dedicated security team of more than 300 people working exclusively on keeping cheaters out of the game.

AW by Asura World in Oct 28, 2019
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Although most players feel like Tencent isn’t doing a lot, apparently, they’re wrong.  

In fact, according to a recent statement, Tencent bans thousands of players every day for cheating.  

In one of their outline’s published online, the PUBG Mobile security team went into detail how they caught cheaters. Apparently, they use a combination of software detection, impossible in-game behavior, and in-game observation. Of those three, observing in-game behavior is no doubt the most labor intensive. This is because it requires the security team to literally watch players and analyze if their behavior shows that they are cheating or using hacks.  

While these efforts are admirable, players need to keep their expectations realistic.  

Because PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play game, banning players isn’t as effective. It’s a deterrent, for sure. But it won’t work as well. Remember, there’s no stopping cheaters and hackers from creating new accounts after being banned.  

The only effective way of banning cheaters is to issue IP bans. However, it’s a stance that Tencent is hesitant to make. Tencent is reportedly afraid that banning IP addresses might affect players who aren’t using cheats or hacks.  

Regardless of whether you think that Tencent’s efforts are working or not, they deserve a lot of praise, especially in how proactive they are.  

Tencent recently said that they plan on even improving PUBG Mobile’s security system even further. They even plan on working how they communicate with players, especially in regards to the status of their reports.   

We’ve already seen Tencent add a new feature where players are notified if their report was successful, so we can only expect great things to come.   

Lastly, Tencent claimed that an upcoming update will come with several server upgrades, including improvements on PUBG Mobile’s security system that will make it easier to catch hackers and cheaters who are trying to game the system.

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