The first Major of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit has finally concluded, and the winners are TNC Predator.

AW by Asura World in Nov 24, 2019
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The Philippines-based Dota 2 organization took home the Major title over Vici Gaming and will go home with $300,000 in prize money, as well as 4,850 Dota Pro Circuit points, effectively guaranteeing that they will be a part of The International 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2020.   

It was a historic day for TNC Predator as they became the first Southeast Asian Dota 2 team to win a Major ever. 

Sweet, Sweet Revenge for TNC Predator 

Vici Gaming were the heavy favourites heading into the Grand Finals of the MDL Chengdu Major after securing their berth over TNC Predator earlier in the tournament.  

TNC Predator, however, had learned from their earlier mistakes.  

After quickly dispatching of Invictus Gaming, TNC Predator were all business in their rematch against Vici Gaming. Although Game 1 did not start off well for TNC Predator, with Vici Gaming’s Zhou “Yang” Haiyang taking first blood over TNC’s Kim “Gabbi Villafuerte, they persevered. Eventually, the minimal leads they built through the game paid off, with Armel “Armel” Tabios’ double-kill being a pivotal moment for the game as they continued to take the lead from there on out to take the victory at 32 minutes.   

The momentum from TNC Predator’s resounding Game 1 win carried over in Game 2.  

[Text Wrapping Break]This time around, Damien “kpii” Chok was the star of the show as he made plays and space all over the map for the rest of TNC Predator. Once Gabbi’s Morphling had enough farm, he simply took over and quickly quashed any and all of Vici Gaming’s attempts at making a comeback.  

33 minutes in, Vici Gaming had no join but to surrender and give TNC Predator the lead, 2-0.  

Just as they were primed to take the series in a sweep, TNC Predator somehow got complacent. This slight mistake was all that Vici Gaming needed to put themselves back into the game.   

Zheng “Eurus” Chengjun, in particular, took advantage of TNC Predator’s lax play, and along with Yang, was instrumental in Vici Gaming’s attempt to extend the series. Try hard as they did late in the game, especially with Gabbi claiming the Aegis of the Immortal late in the game, TNC Predator’s earlier shortcomings were too much to overcome, and in the next Roshan, Vici Gaming’s successful steal was enough to seal the deal as they put themselves on the board in 37 minutes to extent the series to a fourth game.  

In Game 4, TNC Predator went with their tried-and-tested Morphling-Earthshaker combo and that was pretty much all she wrote.  

Despite Vici Gaming leading for most of the game, even reaching a 29k gold lead peak, TNC Predator would not budge. They were determined to end the series there and then and that’s exactly what they did.  

Following a failed late-game push on the side of Vici Gaming and a timely buy-back from Gabbi and his Morphling, TNC Predator countered with a push of their own. 

Game 4 ended after 1 hour and 3 minutes with TNC Predator winning the series, 3-1, and the MDL Chengdu Major.  

What’s Next for the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit? 

Following the conclusion of the MDL Chengdu Major, the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit will travel halfway across the globe to Leipzig, Germany for DreamLeague Season 13.  

DreamLeague Season 13 is set to be an even bigger event than the MDL Chengdu Major.  

With teams such as Nigma and Team Secret, among others, finally participating for the second Major of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit, TNC Predator will have their work cut out for them if they want to win a second Major for the season.

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