We decided to take the time to round up the teams that we think will top the CS:GO rankings in 2020...

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2019 was a huge year for competitive CS:GO.  

After a 2018 period that saw Astralis pretty much single-handedly dominate their competition, more teams have stepped up to the plate in 2019. Although Astralis still remains the #1 CS:GO team in the world, their hold is no longer undisputed. Instead, they find themselves contending against multiple teams every tournament.  

With that said, we decided to take the time to round up the teams that we think will top the CS:GO rankings in 2020.  

1. Astralis 

Was this ever a surprise? Astralis are the best CS:GO team in history. They’re the only ones to win three Major titles in a row, and have four Major titles overall.  

Astralis could have simply won Majors these past two years and they’d still be a shoo-in as one of the Top 5 teams in any rankings. But they weren’t content just winning the best CS:GO tournaments. Instead, Astralis also added to their resume dozens of top-tier tournament wins, resulting in them having been ranked as the #1 CS:GO team in the world by the HLTV team rankings algorithm for months at a time.  

Considering that Astralis have been good these past two years, all signs indicate that they’ll be just as good if not better in 2020. 

No team takes CS:GO as seriously as the all-Danish roster. They practice like no one else and have some of the most talented players in the world. They also invest in their player’s physical and mental health, which, judging by the results, has more than paid off.  

Astralis will be just as big of a target in 2020 as they are right now as they gun for a 4th Major title in a row in 2020.  

2. Fnatic 

Fnatic are back, and no, we’re not joking.  

One of the most popular and longest-running esports organizations in the world, Fnatic have struggled more than they have succeeded these past few years. However, in recent months, Fnatic are starting to make a legitimate comeback. 

After securing Maikil “Golden” Kunda Selim, one of the best in-game leaders in the game, on a loan from Cloud9, Fnatic have played a lot better.  

Fnatic are currently ranked as one of the 5 best CS:GO teams in the world. More importantly, they have the potential to achieve so much more.  

Even if they fail to rise up by the end of 2019, 2020 could be the year that they make a good run for the #1 spot. 

3. G2 Esports  

G2 Esports are playing better than ever before after bringing in hard-hitters in the form of Nemanja "nexa" Isaković and Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač. 

The former, in particular, has been playing well despite being saddled with the in-game leader role. Meanwhile, the latter has managed to emerge out of the shadow of his cousin, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, to establish himself as one of the best players in the world today.  

With Kenny “kennyS” Schrub finally being surrounded by capable teammates, G2 Esports are a must-watch team heading into 2020.  

We’ll have a glimpse of what to expect from G2 Esports in 2020 at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals in December, where they’ll face off against the likes of Astralis, Team Liquid, Fnatic, and Evil Geniuses. 

4. FaZe Clan 

2019 has become a tale of two halves for FaZe Clan.  

For the first six months of the year, FaZe Clan were downright awful. Sure, the team was made up of skilled individuals. However, without the set strategies and leadership required to steer them in the right direction, the team floundered and crashed more often than they succeeded.  

Fast forward to the second half, and FaZe Clan are starting to look better.  

Sure, picking up Marcelo “coldzera” David might have something to do with it, but you can’t deny that FaZe Clan are on the upward trend after winning BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 and placing third at IEM Beijing 2019.  

FaZe Clan still don’t have a proper in-game leader, and they still have a tendency to rely on pure skill to outplayer their opponents.  

But when you have a roster built specifically to do that, is that really a big deal? 

As long as FaZe Clan can build some synergy between coldzera and the rest of the team, it won’t matter if they lack a proper in-game leader if the wins and top placements keep on coming as expected in 2020.  

CS:GO Teams that Could Underperform in 2020 

On the flipside, there are some CS:GO teams in 2020 that we believe could underperform and end up dropping out of the Top 5 if not Top 10 entirely.  

Evil Geniuses 

Are Evil Geniuses a flash in the pan? Maybe. Maybe not. But all signs point to their success being temporary. 

Evil Geniuses are currently ranked as the second-best CS:GO team in the world, but most of their wins have come against lower-tier competition. They were even ranked #1 for a time, which is just absurd.  

For a team supposed to be one of the best in the world, Evil Geniuses can’t seem to have their way against the likes of Astralis and Team Liquid.  

Since we don’t see them winning against top-tier teams anytime soon, there’s a huge chance that they’ll drop out of the Top 5 by 2020.  

Team Vitality 

Team Vitality might be one of the best CS:GO teams in the world, but that’s only because they have Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut on the roster.  

As evidenced by how Natus Vincere have struggled despite the individual prowess of Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, ZyWoo alone won’t be enough to carry the roster soon enough, especially as teams start to figure out how to counter-strategize against a one-player team.  

Unless Team Vitality brings in some help, their spot within the Top 5 are as good as gone before 2019 ends.  

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