A spin-off of the popular mobile game, Clash of Clans, Supercell’s Clash Royale has managed to grow out of the original title’s shadow to establish itself as...

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A spin-off of the popular mobile game, Clash of Clans, Supercell’s Clash Royale has managed to grow out of the original title’s shadow to establish itself as its own game. Bringing in over $2B in revenue in a little over three years, the free-to-play mobile card game continues to grow in popular across both iOS and Android platforms.

So much so that the Finnish developers have decided to cultivate the game’s esports scene by introducing the Clash Royale League in 2018.

Putting up $1 million in prize money for the season, the Clash Royale League saw 40 organizations compete across five different divisions. It was a huge success, to say the least, but the game isn’t stopping there. Not yet, anyway.

One of the more unique titles on the market, Clash Royale is a quirky game that’s full of personality and nuances and is just as accessible to newcomers as it is to veterans.

But, how did a game that was originally billed as a spin-off grow into an esports-worthy game?

What Exactly Is Clash Royale?

A mobile spin-off of Clash of Clans, the card-building Clash Royale released first in March of 2016 on both iOS and Android devices.

Similar to Clash of Clans, the game Clash Royale features two sides fighting head to head. However, instead of using individual units to wage war, Clash Royale has players using individual cards to attack each other’s rival king’s tower. There are a lot of 80+ cards in the game, and a player’s deck consists only of eight each. This means that players will have to think properly about which cards they add to their deck, as each card has its own use and purpose.

To fight, players drop characters or weapons down to the map using their cards. These units will fight autonomously until they either successfully destroy the rival king’s tower on their own, or until they are defeated by any enemy unit or structure. In addition to the ability to drop cards defensively, each player will also have defensive turrets to protect their king’s tower.

To win, all a player needs to do is to destroy the opposing player’s king’s tower. However, in case the match takes too long, the game will automatically end after three minutes, with the player who destroys the most defensive towers walking away with the win. In case of a tie, players will play each other in a sudden-death overtime that will be decided by whoever destroys the first tower.

Clash Royale was originally released as 1v1 game. However, Supercell has since added 2v2 modes.

Where Does the Clash Royale League Come In?

Seeing the success of Clash Royale, the Finnish developers decided to cultivate an esport scene by first starting out with smaller events in 2016 and 2017. However, in 2018, Supercell formally introduced a more structured league in the Clash Royale League, going international during the first Fall Season, and featuring five different divisions: Europe, North America, and South America, as well as China, and Asia. Season 1 of the Clash Royale League ran from August to October, with production of the North America and European divisions based out of a studio in Los Angeles.

Everything culminated at the World finals in Tokyo, Japan, in December, where each region’s top teams fought each other for glory.

What Separates Clash Royale from Other Esport Titles?

Clash Royale is considered as one of the most unique esport titles out there, and for good reason – it's a game that was originally built for mobile use, and thus, watching it on mobile just feels so natural and intuitive.

The addition of a professional approach when it came to production and presentation only served to help separate Clash Royale from other esport titles.

Also, because Clash Royale was not inspired by any PC game, it’s a good representative for mobile esports as a whole. Not to mention, Clash Royale adopts a more casual approach for the Clash Royale league. Supercell also made the smart decision to focus on streaming the game on YouTube instead of Twitch.
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