Dota 2 finally got its 117th hero in the form of the literal “God of War”, a melee-strength hero named Mars...

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Dota 2 finally got its 117th hero in the form of the literal “God of War”, a melee-strength hero named Mars. An in-your-face, straightforward hero, Mars is a breath of fresh air from the recently released heroes who had rather complex mechanics. He is a bruiser that has a lot of utility, wave clear, and an ultimate in Arena of Blood that can trap enemies within a particular area. In a way, Mars should play quite similarly to the likes of Bristleback and Tidehunter.

Lore-wise, Mars is alluded to be the son of Zeus, who, in Dota 2’s lore is the Lord of the Heavens who was sent to the mortal realm as punishment for his flirtatious adventures by his wife. Both share many lines with each other when they meet in the battle of the ancients. Mars also has some pretty interesting interactions with other heroes.

As is the case with Dota 2, not all heroes synergize well with each other. Mars is not an exception.

Below, we rounded up six Dota 2 heroes that pair extremely well with Mars.


Mars solves one of Phoenix’s biggest problems – his toolkit is full of skill shots that are hard to land without the proper setup. Although Mars’ stun with the Spear of Mars (Q) is a useful setup tool, it is his ultimate, Arena of Blood (R), that synergizes perfectly with Phoenix’s skills, especially his ultimate, Supernova.

DisruptorYou can never have too much of a good thing.

Or, at the very least, that’s what anyone who have tried pairing Mars and Disruptor before would say.

Both featuring similar type of ultimate skills, with skills that pair so perfectly with each other, Disruptor is a seamless fit right alongside Mars, both in the lane and in teamfights.


Juggernaut is one of the strongest carries in Dota 2 as of the moment. A late-game carry that can also fight early when necessary, Juggernaut’s ultimate, Omnislash (R), is a useful tool when used right. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to escape from Omnislash, as well as Juggernaut’s first skill, Blade Fury (Q).

Mars fixes both problems with Juggernaut’s skill set by trapping enemies inside his ultimate and allowing Juggernaut to unleash hell on whoever is caught inside.

Money King

Monkey King is a versatile hero that can be played across multiple positions. These days, he’s mostly played as a mid or as a hard carry, and in some cases, as a roaming support. Either way, what makes Monkey King so particularly strong is his strong laning skills and his ultimate, Wukong’s Command (R), that can be used to deny areas or force enemies to fight.

As most players flee at the sight of Monkey King’s ultimate, Mars can force them to go inside his own ultimate. Also, their skills, Boundless Strike for Monkey King and God’s Rebuke for Mars, allow them to deal heavy punishment as opposing heroes have no choice but to face their untimely death.


Sven is a hero that can potentially one-shot enemy heroes, or at least, kill them in a few seconds. However, the biggest problem with the hero is that he is relatively easy to kite. But, with Mars, the lumbering strength hero can use his ultimate, God’s Strength (R), and cleave enemies trapped inside the Arena of Blood in pieces.

With these two strength heroes manning your front lines, only few will dare to initiate on your team.
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