Leave it up to Epic Games to outdo themselves.</p>Barely more than a year after Fortnite hit the market and took the world by storm...

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Leave it up to Epic Games to outdo themselves.

Barely more than a year after Fortnite hit the market and took the world by storm, the Battle Royale game is set to blow past Dota 2’s The International as the most lucrative esports competition with the announcement of the $30 million Fortnite World Cup, which will feature a larger prize pool than The International’s $25 million.

The Fortnite World Cup will run from July 26 to July 28 in New York at a currently undisclosed arena. The solo champion from the event will take home a sizable chunk of the prize money at $3 million.

To qualify and participate at the tournament, interested Fortnite players will have to be at least 13 years old.

Epic Games also announced details regarding how to qualify for the event. From April 13 to June 16, there will be 10 online qualifiers, with each one putting up $1 million prize money. Using the rankings from these competitions, Epic Games will take the 100 best solo players and 50 duos, who they will fly to New York for the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite players are guaranteed at least $50,000 for qualifying and participating at the Fortnite World Cup.

Epic Games made waves at E3 last year by talking about the Fortnite World Cup after pledging $100 million to help cultivate the game’s esports scene for 2019. True to this, Epic Games has been hard at work trying to find the ideal format for the event. They’ve broken quite a few eggs along the way, or so to speak, but they’ve also learned lessons and come up with new features that will only serve to help make the game’s competitive scene better and more popular.

The Fortnite World Cup won’t be the only big event to look forward to, however.

For Epic Games, the Fornite World Cup is just one of the major tournaments that they plan on hosting throughout the year. They also plan on putting up various other tournaments, all with $1 million prize pools, that will allow them to experiment with different modes and formats. Also, Epic Games will be partnering with other organizers to “better serve competitive Fortnite in more countries and regions around the world” so that they achieve their promised target of $100 million in 2019.
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