Respawn Entertainment’s take on the Battle Royale genre has quickly been sweeping the globe and has already established itself as a giant in its genre...

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Respawn Entertainment’s take on the Battle Royale genre has quickly been sweeping the globe and has already established itself as a giant in its genre. Thanks to the constant barrage of balance updates and new content, players have always been able to look forward to playing something new and different nearly every week. This includes new Legends, which are what the characters that players can choose from are called. The recently-released Legend, Octane, was the first Legends to be released post launch, and judging by how many easter eggs the developers put inside the game before the introduction of Octane, it’s only a matter of time before hawk-eyed fans sniff out clues regarding the next Legend to arrive in Apex Legends.

Of course, because Apex Legends doesn’t have a particularly rich lore and story background, fans have been having a hard time finding out any hidden information. Not to mention, the game is filled with concept art, so what may seem like a new Legends in the making or one that probably is already in testing is actually just a rejected design or so. Also, because Respawn Entertainment is relatively new to the Battle Royale genre, we don’t know just how often they’re going to release Legends into the game.

Either way, this has not stopped fans of the game from searching Kings Canyon for any clues regarding the next Legend.

Who is Wattson?

Respawn Entertainment can have Sony to thank for their latest slip up, which essentially confirmed that a new Legend is going to arrive within the next 12 weeks. The new Legend is reportedly going to be Wattson, who, much like Octane, has also appeared in a newspaper clipping inside the game and was actually featured in the original gameplay trailer of the game along with Octane.

Furthermore, data miners have also found out more about Wattson’s abilities. Apparently, the new Legend will revolve around using electricity and traps. Leaks have also shown the Legends’ name appearing in games, which may or may not give clues regarding her character or abilities.

When Is Wattson Going to Release?

This is hard to answer because we don’t know exactly when just yet. But, if Wattson does release mid-season, it most likely won’t be until early or mid May. Also, because we don’t know what kind of schedule Respawn Entertainment follows, it’s going to be hard to predict when new Legends are coming if at all. But, so far, the developers seem intent on introducing a new character at the start of every season.

If that’s the case, then we might not see Wattson until June.

Wattson Appears in Datamined Leaks

Dataminers also managed to find character art for Wattson, as well as possible ability names for future Legends.

One Twitter user going by the handle of Shrugtal has made claims that he has found incomplete images of upcoming characters. ApexLeaksNews has also released their own list of potential names for future Legends, which includes Nomad, Jericho, Rampart, Crypto, Rossie, Husaria, Skunner, and Wattson.

Of course, because these are leaks, we can’t really guarantee anything just yet. Someone from Respawn Entertainment also took to Reddit to talk about how some of the stuff that dataminers have found were old and that it is possible that what they found will never come out at all.

With that said, we can only wait in excitement for what Respawn Entertainment has in store for Apex Legends so far.

For now, the only thing that we can pretty much expect is a new Legend to play with at the start of the season. However, we wouldn’t really be surprised if Respawn Entertainment decides to add a new character mid-season.
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