On March 15, Valve surprised everyone with the release of the Dota Pro Circuit companion app...

AW by Asura World in Mar 23, 2019
On March 15, Valve surprised everyone with the release of the Dota Pro Circuit companion app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app contains many features that makes following tournaments so much easier. This includes real-time stats, team profiles, the latest news, and more. But, perhaps the most surprising feature of them all is that it lets players gamble using in-game currency.

Players can use Shards, which is a special type of currency in Dota 2 that’s given as a reward for completing various objectives and quests while subscribed to Dota Plus - a mesh between your very own AI-coach and the previous Majors battle pass - to start betting on pro matches that are part of the Dota Pro Circuit as early as today.

This additional feature should make gathering more shards a lot easier. Prior to this introduction, players could only get shards via one of many ways, such as winning matches and completing quests.

Betting on Dota 2 matches using the Dota Pro Circuit companion app is actually very simple. You can just head on over to the prediction page, check the supplied odds by Valve, bet anywhere between 1 to 100 Shards, and that’s it.

It is that simple.

If you don’t know odds work, it determines the amount of payout you receive.

As of the moment, it’s not possible to bet more than 100 Shards on the Dota Pro Circuit app. Whether or not Valve intends to change this anytime soon is still up in the air.

In addition to the tournament predictions, the Dota Pro Circuit app also comes with fantasy squads. Using the app, players can built their own fantasy lineups once the tournament starts and gather points based on the total individual performance of the players that they choose.

This is not the first time that Dota 2 has had a fantasy league. However, adding it to one app, which has other features as well, definitely makes managing a fantasy lineup a lot easier.

Those interested in giving the Dota Pro Circuit companion app a try won’t have to wait too long. The Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 11 is currently ongoing.

With $1 million USD in prize money, as well as 15,000 DPC points also up for grabs, The DreamLeague Major is going to be a spectacular event. So far, only six teams remain, including Team Secret, who are in the lower brackets despite their status as heavy the favourites and losing only four times in their last twenty or so games.
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