They say, if you want to shoot for something, you might as well shoot for the moon, because, at the very least, you’ll land on the stars...

AW by Asura World in Mar 29, 2019
Asura World Highlights Fortnite
They say, if you want to shoot for something, you might as well shoot for the moon, because, at the very least, you’ll land on the stars.

While that age old saying is probably outdated by now, its meaning is still very clear - you shouldn’t be afraid to aim high, and that’s exactly what Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, is doing when he said that he wanted the company to become the next Google or Facebook.

Props to him, however. This might just come true. After all, Fortnite, which first began life as a battle royale, has now quickly become a social platform where players and the developers themselves are hosting concerts. The game also comes with a mode where players can freely experiment as they wish, helping inspire and nurture their creativity.

There have been various moments when Fortnite has crossed over to various industries. For example, when ninja teamped up with Drake to play a game. Or, when about 10 million people attended an in-game concert by world-famous disc jockey, Marshmello.

Sweeney refers to Fortnite as a “harbinger of things to come” where people are “not just playing but socializing.”

After raising a whopping $1.25 billion from investment firms and the steady clash flow resulting from the popularity of Fortnite, as well as that of the Unreal Game engine, Sweeney has every right to plan and aim big for Epic Games.

As of the moment, majority of the 1,000 employees of Epic Games is working on Fortnite. However, Sweeney explains that he plans on putting a lot of money back into adding more members into the Unreal Engine team, which, according to recent estimates, has received more than 7.5 million installs. At the same time, Sweeney claims that Epic Games are trying out “experimental project” as of the moment.

Epic Games has recently begun focusing more of their efforts on expanding their game store, which gained a lot of popularity mainly because of the wide mainstream appeal of Fortnite.

The company’s launch of the game store has not been met positively all the time. Their decision to have exclusives, in particular, received a lot of backlash. But, according to a talk at the Game Developers Conference, Epic Games has no plans on keeping exclusives as part of their long-term plan. Instead, they plan on diversifying games, going as far as to announce that Humble Bundle is going to start selling games that are also up for sale on the Epic Games store.

Sweeney believes that the Epic Game Store is not bad for the industry, nor for other competitors. Instead, he firmly believes that the store was just the next logical step to allow Epic Games to continue helping game developers going forward.
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