Esports and animated sitcoms such as The Simpsons don’t always collide. But, when they do, it’s always something...

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Esports and animated sitcoms such as The Simpsons don’t always collide. But, when they do, it’s always something.

On March 17, The Simpsons finally aired the episode that made a lot of waves before it even went live. Why? Because it featured one of the more prominent esports titles today, League of Legends.

To make this happen, the people behind The Simpsons decided to ask for help from Riot Games, who are the developers of League of Legends. However, instead of fully adopting the game itself, the people behind The Simpsons instead went satire with their own MOBA. They gave it a fitting title of Conflict of Enemies.

Even though The Simpsons never really went through with an episode featuring League of Legends as itself, Whalen Rozelle, the co-head of esports over at Riot Games, seems pleased with how everything turned out. Apparently, they had already expected that the show would give League of Legends their own take; they were “comfortable giving The Simpsons team full control over how they wanted to present e-sports in the show.”

This particular The Simpsons episode shows a Homer Simpson who’s trying to make it up to his son, Bart, by becoming a better father. He’s also trying to spend more time with Bart by helping him pursue a career in esports as his coach.

While the episode is a satirical take on the esports industry, it does give casual audiences enough of a glimpse of how the budding esports industry looks.

Rob LaZebnik, who is the co-executive producer of The Simpsons, also talked about how his frequent drive-byes through an esports stadium while going to work gave him the idea to do the episode. He felt like esports just “felt ripe for Simpsonification.”

LaZebnik eventually got both Rozelle and Jarred Kennedy, Rozelle’s co-head of esports at Riot Games, to consult on his ideas because he wanted to make sure that he could capture the authenticity and the feel of the esports industry. But, of course, LaZenbik also made sure that the episode had that distinct The Simpsons feel as well, poking fun at stereotypes and other whatnots.
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