Good news for those who’ve been waiting for word on when the next Clash Royale update is going to come...

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Good news for those who’ve been waiting for word on when the next Clash Royale update is going to come. Apparently, it’s set to arrive much sooner rather than later.

According to one of their most recent Reddit announcements, Supercell announced that they plan on adding a new update to Clash Royale by mid-April. Not only that, but the latest update to the game will come with many new additions. This includes, but is not limited to, a couple of new game modes.

Without revealing too much about what’s going to come in the Mid-April Clash Royale update, Supercell teased that it was include: a new, streamlined progression system for Ladder (1v1) and new game modes.

Supercell also added that, as soon as the update arrives, players will be warded with CRL 20 Win profile badges. Not only that, but players will also get more chances to earn rewards as we inch closer to the date of the arrival of the update.

When is Clan Wars 2.0 Going to Come?

Another one of the many things that players of Clash Royale have been waiting on for months is the release of Clan Wars 2.0.

First teased many months ago, many players simply just can’t contain their excitement for the said update any longer. One Reddit user even went as far as to ask when Clan Wars 2.0 is going to arrive, and if it’s going to come with the next update.

According to Drew’s reply, we probably shouldn’t expected it to come in the next update. Drew explains that they have “big plans” for Clan Wars 2.0 and that “it didn’t make sense to do at the same time as a big 1v1 experience change.”

It’s a huge shame that Clan Wars 2.0 will take a bit more time. But, at the very least, Drew’s reply confirms that Supercell is working hard to make sure that they get the update right.
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