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Apparently, not even a legendary CS:GO player such as Jarostaw ‘pashaBiceps’ Jarzabkowski can escape the wrath of Valve’s anti-cheat measures.

While playing a Wingman match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the now-retired 30-year-old polish professional esports player noticed that his partner was unresponsive during the opening moments of the round.

So, he did what any sane player would - he decided to take it upon himself to take the round on his own.

A player known for pulling off clutches in professional matches, pashaBiceps was good enough to take down one of the two other opponents. But, with just 8 HP left and it being a 2v1 situation, he attempted to call out to his teammate, saying, “Hey! I need your help, mister!”, to no avail.

Considering that he still technically had a chance of winning the match, pashaBiceps decided to move into the bombsite to attempt a plant. Again, all on his own.

As his bomb plant prompted the last opponent to rotate and try to defuse the bomb, pashaBiceps took advantage of the situation and clutched the round. But, even after the win, pashaBiceps wasn’t really too happy that he had to do everything on his own.

So, he vented out his anger and frustration by throwing a Molotov and an HE Grenade at his teammate.

His teammate, of course, did not survive. However, what happened next was something that pashaBiceps didn’t expect. Not really long after he “punished” his AFK teammate, he got disconnected from the match and a temporary ban.

The message stated:

“Disconnected: You have been kicked and banned for killing teammates at round start.”

To no one’s surprise, pashaBiceps was shocked at what happened. Apparently, this was the first time that he had done this in Wingman. At the very least, pashaBiceps now knows better than to do it again. Otherwise, he risks getting another 24-hour competitive ban.
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