Epic Games finally caved in to public demand and added a respawn mechanic to Fortnite in the form of the...

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Epic Games finally caved in to public demand and added a respawn mechanic to Fortnite in the form of the Reboot Vans.

Now that they’re here, however, most players don’t really know what to feel.

Epic Games first announced the arrival of the Reboot Vans earlier last week. Basically, the concept is similar to that of in Apex Legends: when a player gets knocked out, you can pick up their Reboot Card and take it to a Reboot Van and they’ll respawn. This further incentivizes playing as a squad because you can now respawn even after dying. Not only that, but you get 100 wood, 36 ammo for your gray pistol, and 100 health when you respawn, which is a lot better than nothing if you find yourself respawning in the middle of a firefight.

The mechanic is great and all, but sometimes, it feels like it just doesn’t fit in Fortnite, or that players aren’t used to it just yet.

You see, players will have to pick up your Reboot Card and take it to a Reboot Van for you to get revived. The problem is that most people don’t really seem keen on picking up one of their teammate’s Reboot Card in case they died.

I suspect that players will probably get used to the mechanic eventually, but right now, it really just doesn’t feel like players are keen on using it.

Then there’s the pace problem.

Unlike in Apex Legends, where the map is smaller and the game is a lot faster, making it relatively easier to just jump in and out of firefights to rescue a teammate, Fortnite is much slower in comparison and it’s not as easy to swoop in and get out with your teammate’s Reboot Card in hand. Because most people prioritize self-preservation, they might choose to just go about their merry ways instead of taking the time to revive their teammates.

On sites such as Twitter and reddit, many players have already started posting clips of themselves reviving teammates. However, they’re far and few in between. This might just be because the mechanic is new. But, again, is there really a lot more incentive to revive a teammate than to just jump into another game once you die?

That’s the question that most people playing Fortnite can’t seem to answer.

Then there’s the fact that respawning might make the player invulnerable for a few good seconds. Epic Games made no note of this in patch notes, but apparently, players have noticed that players who respawn have five seconds of invulnerability once they come back, which prompted one user to how the mechanic makes you “basically a god for 5 seconds.”

The Reboot Vans weren’t the only thing added in the Fortnite 8.30 patch. Buccaneer’s Bounty, a new event, was also introduced in the recent patch. This new event features a series of daily limited-time modes and in-game challenges for players to complete for rewards. Another change was also made to the Storm damage, with the initial instance of damage now being applied a second after you entered the storm
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