All throughout Season 8, the mysterious dig sites have been one of the more points of interest, in particular...

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All throughout Season 8, the mysterious dig sites have been one of the more points of interest, in particular, what they are looking for and where they’re going to pop up next. Be that as it may, we now know where they took their business next and it’s at an all-too familiar place around Loot Lake. In particular, the diggers are where Kevin the Cube said goodbye to everybody after exploding into oblivion and apparently vanishing under the earth many months ago.

Unsurprisingly, the current location of the excavators didn’t take too long to make their rounds over the internet. Some are also starting to wonder what they’ll dig up once they’re done. Is it going to be Kevin the Cube? Or is it something else entirely? At this point, it’s hard to tell. Epic Games have done an excellent job at leading players through wild goose chases over the past few seasons only to blindside them with an unexpected turnout.

Fortnite players first discovered an excavation site added to the map last month. It first popped up in the south-east corner of the map and have since popped up in other areas. The first dig site took players days to clear, and so did the others. After being emptied, players didn’t really find much other than treasure troves and lava pools.

What’s surprising is that Epic Games took the time to “undo” all of the clearing that players had done over the past few weeks. Over the space of a single night (or patch), Fortnite players found that each rook were back to their 100 million health old selves again.

Epic Games didn’t really reveal anything regarding this in the patch notes, and we have zero idea about what’s going to happen come Season 9. However, a lot of people are speculating that it’s got something to do with the excavators or what they’re looking for.

Either way, a lot of Fortnite players don’t really seem to be happy with what Epic Games did as far as undoing all their effort.

In other news, Fortnite recently saw the introduction of the Reboot Vans in the latest patch. Borrowing a mechanic from another hit battle royale title, Apex Legends, the latest addition allows players to bring back knocked out squadmates simply by taking their Reboot Cards to the Reboot Vans that are scattered all over the map.
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