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In case you’re not satisfied with how “easy” the current zombie mode for PUBG Mobile is, you’re about to get a new challenge in the form of the Darkest Night.

The Darkest Night mode is set to arrive to both the iOS and Android versions of PUBG Mobile next week.

In Darkest Night, players will find themselves dropped in the middle of nowhere surrounded by zombies. To up the ante, the players will be working against the clock with a deadly toxic gas threatening to kill everything in its path. Players will have to either work alone or as a group to try and escape before they join the undead themselves.

If in case the scenario sounds familiar, it probably is. It’s because it’s the same premise used for H1Z1, which now goes by under the name Z1 Battle Royale.

Considering that H1Z1 was arguably the original battle royale, it’ll be interesting to see how the developers of PUBG Mobile will improve on what H1Z1 did in the past and turn Darkest Night into a completely different experience.

Other changes coming to PUBG Mobile with the 0.12.0 update include Survive Till Dawn 2.0, a brand-new Spectator Mode, as well as modifications to the cross hair of various scopes.
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