G2 Esports may not be the most likable team in the LEC, taking on the role of “villains” of the league, but...

AW by Asura World in Apr 14, 2019
G2 Esports may not be the most likable team in the LEC, taking on the role of “villains” of the league, but you’d have to give them props for how well they’ve played this season. After going undefeated for nearly half of the LEC 2019 Spring Split, G2 Esports entered the playoffs as the top seed, and although Origen and Fnatic looked like they were ready to threaten G2 Esports, in the end, G2 Esports proved so much better after sweeping Origen at the LEC 2019 Spring Finals.

G2 Esports looked like smurfs against Origen right from the get go. It wasn’t even close. The entire series took just a little over an hour. Further proof of G2 Esports’ dominance was how they proceed to clinch the series and the title by winning the third game in just 18 minutes and 31 seconds.

G2 Esports was just the better team all around. They were more prepared, with clever drafts, and just executed their gameplan so much better. It also helped that they were individually so much more talented than their opponents. Regardless of what they threw at their opponents, and what Origen threw back, G2 Esports knew exactly how to play to their strengths. They also made very few mistakes. All in all, they were comfortable ahead for pretty much the entire series.

While G2 Esports are likely all smiles after their win, Origen have likely been left dumbfounded by the loss. But, if it’s any consolation, they did lose to the most dominant team that Europe has ever seen so far, so there’s that. Not to mention, this was essentially their first time playing an entire split together. This means that Origen can at least take solace in the fact that they were able to accomplish much more than what was expected of them.

The loss might be tough on the team right now, but the offseason and the next split is looking bright for Origen.

As for G2 Esports, they’ll now look forward to seeing if their brand of League of Legends works just as well against international competition, such as SK Telecom T1 and Team Liquid, at the 2019 Mid-Season invitational on May 1.
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