Some people are just unfairly good at a lot of things.

AW by Asura World in Apr 17, 2019
Asura World Highlights CSGO
Some people are just unfairly good at a lot of things.

Take Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, for example. The Paris Saint-German superstar is already widely considered as one of the most successful athletes in the world today. But, as it turns out, Neymar isn’t just a good traditional athlete - he’s actually pretty good at video games too.

The 27-year-old Brazilian professional Football player has expressed his love for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive countless times in the past. In fact, he once used the “flashbang dance” while celebrating a a recent goal he made during the World Cup. He’s also pretty active on social media, supporting Brazil-based organizations such as Furia eSports and Made in Brazil.

Perhaps the biggest evidence that Neymar isn’t just a mere fan, but rather, someone who’s actually good at CS:GO, comes in the various clips he has so often posted online of him doing relatively amazing things in the game. The latest example came recently, on April 15, in a showmatch against fellow footbalers, Nene, Artur, and Gabriel Jesus.

Neymar with the 1v4 Clutch on Mirage

Mirage seems to be something that Neymar favours. In the past, he’s already shown that he can clutch on the said map, pulling off a 1v5 ace a few months ago. But, that was with far less pressure, and arguably, against lesser opponents. This time around, he was playing against better players. Yet, he still managed to pull off another clutch.

Playing on the Terrorist side, Neymar planted the bomb on the “B” site and found a neat little spot for himself into Market. As he saw all four Counter-Terrorist players move past him, he was patient enough to wait for a clear shot. He made sure that they all had their defenses down, in which case, they did, as he quickly sprayed down half of the remaining opponents after they attempted to defuse the bomb.

For kill No. 3, Neymar took out Gabriel Jesus, his teammate on the Brazil national team, before looking for another victim and to cap off his 1v4 clutch with a knife kill. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do that.

Even though Neymark’s performance was enough to give his team the thirteenth round, he was unable to net himself a cheeky knife kill. Instead, he had to settle for the bomb going off, which gave him his fourth kill.

Neymar’s clutch was pivotal in his team’s success during the CS:GO showmatch, which gave them a chance to play against Furia eSports on Inferno in a best-of-one.

Unfortunately, while Neymar is certainly better than the average CS:GO player, he is nowhere near good enough to put on the same performance against people who play CS:GO for a living. He was rendered relatively ineffective against Furia eSports as his team lost 16-0, with Furia eSports’ Yuri “yuurih” Santos giving Neymark a taste of his own medicine with a cheeky knife kill on him.
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