We took the time to list down the 5 best bot laners in League of Legends patch 9.8....

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We took the time to list down the 5 best bot laners in League of Legends patch 9.8.


Good news Draven mains. Your champion is back in the meta. In fact, Draven is on top of the meta and is widely considered as one of the more powerful champions right now.

Unfortunately, this is bad news for those who particularly hate against Draven. A lane-dominant champion that can body other champions with ease, Draven can snowball quite easily if played properly and without a counter.

Luckily, Draven isn’t really allowed to let loose as often as in previous patches. This is because many of the other meta ADC’s serve as counters to Draven as well.

So, make sure that you just don’t go blindly pick Draven into a counter, or else, it’s you who’s going to have a bad time.


Vayne’s spot on top of the meta as a go-to ADC pick is safe for the nth patch in a row. The champion remains viable, thanks to her ability to deal damage early on and scale even later into the game. Not to mention, Vayne doesn’t need too many items to come online, and once she has both Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, she’s pretty much set and can take anyone down, including tanks.


Ashe is one of the more safe picks in the current meta. She’s not exactly top-tier, but she hardly has any counters that are often in play as well. Not to mention, she’s a great initiator and has a kit that allows her to play around with enemy champions while also being able to outlane pretty much anyone in the game.

If you’re looking for an easy champion learn that can make significant impact in the game, even when you’re behind, it’s hard to do better than pick Ashe.


The trend continues for Jinx as she gets stronger once again in 9.8.

A champion that can farm fast and kill enemy champions faster, Jinx is one of the harder champions to play against, simply because of her kill and push potential. Not to mention, Jinx is relatively easy to play, and anyone can learn how to play her effectively after just a few games.

The only con with Jinx is that you probably will see her banned in champ select every time, if not picked first by someone else.


If you’re going to be playing with a duo partner, play Sona and Taric.

This champion duo has been tearing it up lately due to their insane burst potential, as well as incredibly late game team fighting synergy. Although learning how to play both champions together can be quite tricky, especially early on when they’re vulnerable, a little bit of practice can go a long way as you’ll be dominating matches soon enough once you know how to hit each respective champion’s peak timings.
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