After a month long competition, the EU Masters 2019 finally came to conclusion, and the results were not exactly what most people expected...

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After a month long competition, the EU Masters 2019 finally came to conclusion, and the results were not exactly what most people expected.

SK Gaming were the heavy favourites heading into the Grand Finals of the EU Masters 2019. They had the fan’s vote of confidence and they were looking mighty strong heading into the title round. But, no one told Misfits Premier that.

Playing with the poise of a champion and the tenacity of a team hungry for recognition, Misfits Premier swept SK Gaming in a best-of-five series that never really looked close at any particular point in the matchup, to win the EU Masters 2019 title.

Misfits Premier Find Their Form When It Counted the Most

Heading into the tournament, Misfits Premiere were not expected to go on a deep run let alone win the title. They were a middling team at best. Although no one doubted their talent and potential, the team’s lack of synergy and chemistry was often cited as issues that plagued the team so much that it would prevent them from winning against much more cohesive teams when it counted the most.

But, as it turns out, it was Misfits Premier who instead found themselves when the stakes were the highest.

Winning a championship is no small feat. Winning it without even dropping a single game is even more impressive.

While there were moments throughout the series that SK Gaming threatened to take control, for the most part, it was all Misfits Premier. None of their issues showed up in the Grand Final. Instead, the team played with utmost composure and simply outclassed their opponents.

Adam “Lider’ Ilyasov set the example for the rest of Misfits Premier as he stepped up his performance in the middle lane and terrorized his matchup. The rest followed suit, and as they say, everything else is history.

Are SK Gaming Cursed?

SK Gaming have failed to win a title so many times that you can’t help but wonder if the team is cursed, or more realistically, have issues playing in high-stakes matchups.

SK Gaming were the clear favourites heading into the Grand Finals of EU Masters 2019. They made short work of their competition in the group stages and made it through the knockout stages with relative easy. Unfortunately, as dominant as they were in the days prior, they were a mere shadow of themselves in the Grand Finals. As a result, SK Gaming will go home with yet another second-place finish to their name.

Hopefully, SK Gaming can find a way to address these issues. Otherwise, they might just end up settling for being the second-best team all of the time.

An Opportunity to Audition for the Big Boys

The EU Masters 2019 is one of the rare opportunities for lower-tier players to try and audition for the teams over at the LEC, as well as the other pro leagues.

Showcasing excellent mechanics and execution, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw the players of Misfits Premier find themselves playing for an LEC team this coming Summer Split. This is especially after G2 Esports showed just how huge the gap between them is and the rest of the LEC. The teams who missed out on a chance to take home the regional title and play at the MSI 2019 will likely look to shore up their weaknesses this off-season to better prepare for the 2019 Summer Split.

With the competition at the EU Masters 2019 now over, it’s now time to look forward to the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational.

The competition, which will run from May 1 to May 19, will feature the winners of every pro-league region across the globe as they battle it out for fame, recognition, and of course, a huge chunk of the prize pool.
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