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Riot Games have officially launched Patch 9.9 for their hit MOBA title, League of Legends. As per the usual, the latest patch for the game brings a multitude of changes, including minor tweaks and major reworks. In particular, two champions saw huge changes in the latest patch, as well as a neutral monster.

Before we talk about the champions that were tweaked, let’s focus first on the Rift Scuttler.

For those that don’t know, the Rift Scuttler is one of the many neutral monsters found on the Summoner’s Rift. It spawns rather early and is an incredibly important objective to take. However, instead of bringing about teamwork, the presence of the Rift Scuttler often only results into conflict as player fight on which laner has to help out the jungler and secure it.

Now, with the respawn time of the Rfit Scuttler set at 3:15 from 2:00, players have more time to strategise and plan. This also isn’t a nerf as most people believe it to be. After all, the gold and experience reward for the Rift Scuttler scales based on its average level, which, in turn, is based on the average level of the game itself.

Moving on, one of the two champions that saw a major change was Aatrax. From a one-shot champion, Aatrox is now more tank-oriented. This is mostly thanks to the changes of his revive, where, instead of reviving over 3.25 seconds whenever taking lethal damage, Aatrox will now only revive for as long as he has taken down at least one champion and World Ender is still active. Also, each takedown increases the duration of the World Ender. In addition to this, Friendly Fear has been removed from World Ender and instead has been replaced by Stayin’ Alive, which gives Aatrox increased healing for as long as World Ender is active.

Other changes to Aatrox include a significantly lowered health regen (from 8 to 3), as well as a tweak to how Deathbringer Stance works. Darkin Blade’s cooldown has also been lowered, with the damage increased. This was presumably done to help balance out Aatrox and keep the champion relevant.

Tahm Kench was the second champion that was updated in League of Legends patch 9.9.

Tahm Kench was a target of rebalancing due to the powerful nature of Devour. But, the rest of Tahm Kench’s kit was updated as well. For example, An Acquired Taste’s bonus damage no longer scales. Instead, the bonus damage is now set at a fixed 1.5% rate of the maximum health of Tahm Kench across all levels.

As heavy as the nerfs to An Acquired Taste and Devour were, Thick Skin was buffed and now longer costs any mana to cast. More importantly, the ability’s healing and shield effects are now more potent than ever before.

While the changes may make Tahm Kench less desirable in the eyes of pros, it’s highly likely that it’s not enough to bring the champion out of contention and make him completely irrelevant.
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