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The 2019 competitive CS:GO season still haven’t ended. The Katowice Major only recently concluded and we still have the StarLadder Berlin Major to go. Yet, Valve have already announced this early when the CS:GO Majors for the years 2020 and 2021 will be.

This latest set of information comes from a report from HLTV.

According to the report, Valve apparently have already sent out emails to tournament organizers requesting them to send their proposals for their planned dates for the next four CS:GO Majors.

This is quite surprising, to say the least. It is completely atypical of how Valve usually works. Previously, it was the tournament organizers who pitched to Valve when and where they will be holding the Majors.

Now, it seems that Valve are taking a more productive approach.

In case you’re curious, the dates for the next four CS:GO Majors will be May 11-24 and November 2-15 for 2021; May 10-23 and November 1-14 for 2021.

Other than Valve taking a different direction this time around, it’s also worth taking note of how much shorter the next four CS:GO Majors will be. Instead of stretching over three weeks, the event will now only last for two weeks.

What this means is that the CSPPA, otherwise known as the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA), can now rejoice knowing that Valve have taken into account their request to adjust the dates of the Majors throughout the year and make them last shorter so as to give teams more time to prepare, as well as help give organizations some proper time off in the middle of the year.

The report also states that Valve are suggesting to tournament organizers to make sure that the events’ timezone cater to the majority of the fanbase. Additionally, Valve are also reportedly suggesting that, if possible, tournament organizers should make sure that both Minors and Majors are held in the same country to give ample time to solve any possible Visa issues that may come up.
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