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Despite Respawn Entertainment’s best efforts, it’s now clear that they alone won’t be able to fix the cheating problem that has plagued Apex Legends since the game released and became a viral sensation in early February.

This is something that lead developer Drew McCoy wasn’t afraid to address in the company’s most recent state of the game update. McCoy further explains that, in order to better deal with the hackers, the company has brought in help from outside, or so to speak. This includes, “key experts across EA, including EA Security and Fraud, the Origin teams, and our fellow developers at DICE, FIFA, and Capital Games, in addition to Easy-Anti-Cheat.”

Respawn Entertainment have been hard at work taking the fight to hackers and keeping their numbers at a minimum. To this point, the studio have taken multiple steps to completely eliminate hackers from the game. Some of the measures they’ve taken so far include improving detection, using better tools, streamlining the detection process, as well as adding “other sneaky things to combat sellers and cheaters.”

Respawn Halves the Number of Cheaters on the PC

McCoy also addresses the importance of player-submitted feedback. He stated that the in-game reporting system has had a huge impact in the discovery of new cheats and hacks.

So far, Respawn Entertainment that their efforts have led to the banning of as many as 770,000 cheaters from Apex Legends. The studio have also blocked more than 300,000 account creation attempts. In addition to this, they have also reportedly already banned as many as 4,000 cheat-seller accounts in less than a month.

While Respawn Entertainment have been very public about their war against cheaters and hackers, they made it clear that they have no plans on making their entire anti-cheating campaign public. They are doing this intentionally. The purpose of this is to make sure that they stay ahead of the curve and hackers have to play catch-up to them, not the other way around.

McCoy ended the statement with a promise to release a follow-up update on this matter next week.
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