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A concept map for PUBG named Venezia, based on the Italian city of Venice, made waves online nearly a year ago. The map, which was comprised of more than 100 small islands, looked drastically different from any maps released for PUBG before, and after it.

As of the moment, majority of the maps available in PUBG are mostly composed of land. This simplifies traveling from one place to another, which is incredibly important while searching for loot and ammo, or avoiding firefights, as well as making it back to the safe zone. But, by adding islands to the mix, you simply couldn’t just jump in the first vehicle that you find and speed away; you’ll actually have to be very careful about where you go and how you go there.

With that said, the Venezia PUBG map could’ve ushered in a completely different style of play for PUBG had it been ever officially released.

Venezia 2.0 Incoming?

While the concept of Venezia proved to be very popular among fans, it was also a bit too expansive compared to other maps.

Designed by redditor u/IamEzalor, the initial map design featured more buildings and bridges than all previous PUBG maps combined. This resulted in many fearing for how the map’s details would affect the performance of the game, even on a powerful PC. Because of this, a revamped version of the concept was released later on. Venezia 2.0, as it was called, had cut the number of buildings by as much as 66% and halved the number of bridges into the game. Shallow bodies of water and other adjustments were also made to help optimize the map.

Given the changes, it’s only fair to wonder if the developers are planning on adding Venezia or any other map to PUBG anytime soon. But, we do know that PUBG Corp are not above adding new maps to the game. It’s just that we don’t know when they’re going to do it.

PUBG currently has four maps available in the game. Adding more maps could help keep the game fresh and bring the player count back up. On the other hand, it could also have an opposite effect and fragment the player count even further.

What Are the PUBG Maps Available?

One of the main draws of PUBG compared to other battle royale titles is that players can get to choose to play from as many as four maps.

Erangel, the game’s first and original map, is still available and have since gone through multiple changes to help keep it fresh. PUBG also has a desert-based map in the form of Miramar, which is the largest map of the game. A third map in the form of Sanhok was later added for players who wanted a smaller, more action-packed map. Finally, Vikendi, the game’s latest map addition, is a snow-themed map that hosts a mix of features from the three other previous maps.
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