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As has been the case in previous years, Riot Games are launching a new event to help celebrate this year’s Mid-Season Invitational.

Similar to the events of previous years, the new event will feature players fighting for their chosen factions to win.

What Choices are Available?

Players will be able to choose from four different houses for the event, namely the Warband, Council, Faceless, and the United.

If you can’t choose a single faction from the four available, the game can also help you with that. You can take a quiz in the in-game client that can help you decide which one fits you and your personality best.

I’ve Chosen a Faction, What Now?

After choosing your faction, you’ll need to complete missions available only during the event to earn points for your house. At the end of it all, the winning house will receive an icon, a golden emote, and an in-game finisher animation.

Players will also receive tokens that they can use to get loot as they climb and complete their missions. Loot can be anything from loot boxes and golden chromas, among others.

The event is set to officially kick off on May 8, 4PM ET and will last until June 3, 2:59AM ET.
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