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Respawn Entertainment announced less than two weeks ago that they were going to ramp up their efforts to curb cheating and hacking in their hit battle royale title, Apex Legends.

Fast forward to today, and it’s clear that the developers were not messing around.

In their latest announcement, Respawn Entertainment revealed that they’ve banned 770,000 players from the game. In addition to this, they have prevented as many as 300,000 accounts from being created. The developers have also reportedly banned 4,000 accounts associated with selling cheats in Apex legends.

These definitely are huge numbers. However, Respawn Entertainment were quick to remind everyone that this is just the beginning.

Writing on the game’s official blog, Executive Producer Drew McCoy provided further explanation on what they’ve been doing to help combat cheating and hacking in the game. McCoy says that they’ve begun working with experts across EA and with other developers to help keep hackers and cheaters at bay. This is in addition to the Easy-Anti-Cheat service. McCoy also acknowledged the importance of the in-game reporting feature in helping them detect cheaters and hackers in the game.

McCoy also explained how the developers can’t share everything that they’re doing to help combat cheat makers. But, he did assure players that they are “attacking this [cheating and hacking] from every angle.”

Apex Legends’ quick rise to popularity since releasing in February has made it an easy target for cheaters and hackers alike. To avoid crunch and overworking the employees, which is a hotly-debated topic in the video game industry these days, Apex Legends’ developers have had to space out their content updates. This is to help prevent the game from taking too much of a toll on the company and the team behind it.

But while Apex Legends will not receive as many updates as often as most players would like, Respawn Entertainment assures that they’ll continue working on their anti-cheating measures to keep the game as free from cheaters and hackers as possible.
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