At this point, it’s no longer a secret that PUBG Corp. could definitely do a bit more in improving the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of their hit battle royale title, PUBG. However, their most recent update seems to have only made things worse for PUBG players on both consoles.

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Things have gone from bad to worse for PUBG players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as many players have gone on to air out their concerns, claiming that the recent update has made the game unplayable.

PUBG players on consoles have gone through a lot since the game’s introduction outside of the PC. You name it, they’ve gone through it. From crashes to poor optimization, PUBG haven’t really had a smooth time on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It took so long for the developers to fix the problems that players have found it hilarious as to how poor the developer’s support for the console versions of the game was. 

From NA to Europe Real Quick

One of the many issues prevalent across both platforms for PUBG is how players often find themselves playing in the wrong region. 

This presents a multitude of problems for a number of reasons. The main one is latency. Playing in North American lobbies from Europe, or vice versa, significantly increases the amount of lag a player experiences, leading to poor performance for the unfortunate player. Not to mention, this is a completely unnecessary feature. As it is, European servers don’t need additional players. If anything else, they could do with less as the lobbies are usually filled almost immediately after searching for a game. 

PUBG Corp. were supposed to fix this issue in their most recent update, but unfortunately, players are still experiencing the same server problem. 

Resetting Controller Configurations

This is arguably the problem that most players have taken an issue against. 

Controller configurations are rather personal. It’s not unusual for hardcore players of the game to have their own set of preset configurations. Unfortunately, because of the recent update, players will have to reconfigure their controllers all over again because the update apparently reset the settings to default. 

In case you didn’t know, the default setting for PUBG is the “Type A” configuration. This changes aiming down the sights, otherwise known as ADS, to tapping the L2 button instead of holding it as is usually the case in most FPS titles. This led to players who didn’t know that the configurations had been reset to think that the game was malfunctioning already. 

For players who prefer the same configuration in other FPS titles such as Call of Duty, the fix is rather simple - you only need to switch the configuration from “Type A” to “Type B”. 

Crashing Returns Once Again

PUBG Corp. had already solved majority of crashing issues save for a few isolated incidents on the console versions of PUBG, but recently, more and more users have begun reporting their games crashing as soon as they get to the main console menu. 

Multiple forum posts in recent days suggest that this is no longer just an isolated problem. The worst part is that it’s probably worse than ever. Some players have gone on to report that their games have crashed multiple times over an hour or two.

This makes PUBG literally unplayable for some players on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. 

Significant Frame Drops Reported

While other players were unfortunate enough to experience crashing issues, there are also those who report experiencing frame drops in multiple maps. 

According to multiple reports, the frame drops often happen as soon as you land, with the game freezing for a few seconds before you can play again. Some users on Reddit have even reported that just changing the player model leads to significant frame drops across all maps.

Par for the Course for PUBG Console Players

Console players of PUBG are so used to getting the short end of the stick at this point that they’re already laughing at how horrible the current state of PUBG is on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

It’s still not wrong for the developers to leave the game as it is. But, at the very least, they’ve managed to retain a hardcore set of fans that have stuck to PUBG through thick and thin. 

You’d have to give props to Bluehole as well. Even though PUBG have had its fair share of issues, they haven’t been afraid to own up to their mistakes. They’re usually open to discussing what led to such issues and how they happened. Although they haven’t released an official word regarding the latest problem faced by PUBG console players, we should expect a statement soon enough, along with a hot fix.

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