PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the hit title that arguably kickstarted the entire battle royale trend, recently celebrated its second anniversary since going out of beta on PC. With the arrival of Update #6, players on consoles will have access to, not just a new item and two new vehicles to play with, but also a free gift to commemorate the game’s second-year anniversary.

AW by Asura World in Apr 10, 2019
Asura World Highlights PUBG

For simply logging in from today up until the 7th of May, players on consoles will receive a second anniversary baseball cap in-game item. 

PUBG Corp. also used the recent update to apologize for the end date of the Survivor Pass: Vikendi. Apparently, a lot of players felt like they still had a lot of time to complete the tasks, when in truth was that the pass was going to end a lot sooner. Because of this, PUBG Corp. decided to extend the pass. Players will now be able to complete their tasks up until April 16, 02:00 PDT. In addition to this, PUBG Corp. also decided to extend the Survival Title System Season 1 until May 14.

PUBG’s most recent patch added two new vehicles to one of the game’s maps, Vikendi, while also removing two others. The Snowbike will be replacing the Motorbike and is a maneuverable vehicle that can get you across the map fast but isn’t as durable. Meanwhile, the Zima will be replacing the UAZ, and is a slow-moving 4x4 vehicle that can take a lot of hits and damage and is easy to maneuver on any terrain except for snow.

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